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  • ​Time Convenience
  • Athletes
  • Poor Eyesight
  • Allergies
  • Alopecia
  • Military (now allowed by the US Government

Ask us about our combo appointments. 

  • Waxing, facial, and brow tinting
  • Lips, facial, and brow tinting
  • Waxing, eyeliner, and brown tinting

Choose any combo for your convenience. 

​​​Cosmetic Tattooing is ideal for:

working woman

stay at home mom's


Always check back to see what specials we have going on for the month!!


~About your appointment~



Eyebrows frame to your eyes but are also essential to balancing out your face. Permanent eyebrows or mircoblade brows do not wash off in the shower or rub off at night in bed.

If you are penciling on or filling in your brows each day this is a procedure for you to think about. Microblading provides hair like strokes to your brow, you can also add Ombre powder brow microblading for more depth and dimensions.

Services for brows start at $300 - $450

Eyeliner is set to each clients likes. You can have enhancement or you can have a more dramatic liner like ourDiva Liner. Each service is 2 or 3 appointments to ensure your liner is what you have been dreaming of. 

Permanent liner can reshape your eye and give you a look you never thought you could have. You can take a smaller eye and with liner it makes it look larger.

Why worry about your liner each day when you wake up, when you can wake with it already on.

No worries when you go swimming, to the gym, skiing, or on vacation.

Services for liner starts at $ 300 to $350

Do you have a problem with your lipstick staying on or just don't wear any but would like a little color? Lipliner outlines and defines your lips.

Lips that are uneven, pale, or thin can be reshaped and look more full. You can choose a natural hue or a more vivid tint.

Services for liner starts at $300 to $400

*All procedures include 2 appointments 3 if need be. The 2nd appointment needs to be scheduled or completed within 60 days of the first appointment.

*Finishing appointments are scheduled 4 to 6 weeks from the first appointment. Please do not see another technician that will see you sooner this will results in scarring.

*If you are requesting a color we don't have available we will special order it for $39.00. ​This pigment is yours when you purchase it.

*We do not offer REFUNDS-we do our very best to make all our clients at Diva Beauty happy.